Saturday, 2 February 2013

Bird Cages & Twinkle Lights

When ever new home accessories
are unpacked and checked
the usual sounds fill the room.

We ooh and we arr.
I want it, no I want it.
No it is for the shop.

We are getting faster at at photographing.
Getting it uploaded.

It would be so nice to have a real shop.
To be able to decorate the shop with
all the beautiful things we find.

This zinc wreath with tea light holder,
has been painted white and distressed al little.

This would look so pretty in a bedroom.

And an old favourite has returned after a long absence.
Perfect for little areas of the home white you want to add a little twinkle
 and add warmth.

These deep blue cut glass dishes for trinkets, your jewels
or a tea light candle.
The blue is so rich and the cut glass sparkles.

Just a few of the new things we have.
Off to Norway soon.
Hopefully will get some new ideas.
Have a lovely weekend.
The Girls.

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Shingle Cottage said...

How beautiful! i love them all xxx