Thursday, 31 January 2013

Time For A Change

A little hint of Spring arrived yesterday.
What an effect that can have on our mood.
Just a bit of blue sky, fluffy white clouds and Sun !
sent me off into one of my tidy away, clean and display 


The latest home accessories to arrive stirred in me as
much anticipation and excitement as Christmas morning !

 I love this big wood mirror with bead detailing
 around the inner edge of the frame.
I love mirrors, full stop.

And it is always hard not to want to buy things.
 Do you really need this...
This is the sentence my husband says every time, yawn...
when he hears me say,
'I want this'...

Then I remember the words that my Mum would say when we
went shopping together.
She would say,
I don't smoke, drink...much...
I don't play golf. 
Dad did of course !
So I can spend my money on this for Me...

So this rule has now become Law in my
Well according to me it has anyway.
You only live once.

The thing is, this mirror does give a great reflection
as it is long.
The mirror I had in my bedroom before was squat.
That sounds terrible, but that is how I feel about it now that
this beautifully aged mirror has paid a visit.

January has been awful, really depressing for me.
I have thought a lot about my Mum.
As I write this Blog, tears swell with just the mention of her name.
It has been two years now.
And I really do feel the hole she has left in my life.
I have her image everywhere.
Below the first picture is Mum, Helen as a baby.
The nest one as a sixteen year old.
 Didn't they look so mature and elegant in those days.

This old frame which I got from a junk shop had a 
pretty pale pink mount.
It was just a couple of pounds.
I had a very old image of Mums family
when they were on their only holiday.
We're Down Hoppin'
As they called.
I believe this image is of a 
Hop Farm in Paddock Wood Kent.
I need to check with Dad !
It is a lovely picture, if you can zoom in on the the girl 
in the pram, you will see a hint of Jude.

My Grand Dad with his cap, was a very quiet man.
My Grand Mother next to him on his right.
Uncle Danny next to the pram with sad face is now 94 years old.
 He said he hated going down hoppin.
The others all my aunties, once.
A quiet little family of eleven, who lived in a two up two down terrence
in London very happily.

 Her old suitcases on my wardrobe filled with
the huge collection of scarves, hats and gloves I have.

As I potter, cleaning and playing.
Fin also potters about the house.
Such a good boy today.
What happened !

Little Houses for tea lights that I bought for Christmas
were allowed to stay longer and moved into the dining area.

A change of display on my little table.
A pretty hook, still waiting to be put up.
A jar full of napkin rings.
And a new fern, one of my favourite plants.

 With a bit of housework competed,
 I am off for a nice cup of tea with a
neighbour and good friend.
We will put the world to rights.
Moan a bit.
And talk about dinner.
Have a good day.
Lots of love.


Shingle Cottage said...

Hi Carol,
I remember when you had first got Nigella and you would write about Mum i was so sad for you when she passed,She will be watching over you and saying 'Go on Carol get that mirror it's gorgeous!'life can be cruel sometimes and i agree with your Mum on buying something pretty i think us girls need it.
Oh my hasn't cheeky boy grown up?
Love to you and yours,
Krissie xxx

jill said...

Oh I agree with your lovely mum when it comes to buying things for yourself.I once said to my hubby if I want it and can afford it Im having it and said just what ya mum said.It seems only yesterday since my lovely Dad died and its 19yrs in march and I still think about him everyday and when hubby and son watch Top Gear I sit with big dragon tears in my eyes because I used to always watch it with him when I was still at home,bless them they leave us some lovely memories to share even on our blogs.Take care Carol love Jill xx