Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Simply Scandinavian Has A New Member

Hello Lovelies some of you who have been follow us on Instagram will know that we have a new girl on the team called Fleur.
After the four Boys who are all lovely it is nice to have another female in the team !
I will post some photos of her as she loves the camera and anything girlie, as we all do.

We have had some beautiful weather but it has been a bit chilly.
Today it is a little dull so I have been lighting a few candles to cheer the house a bit.
We have some beautiful large floor standing lanterns which will look so nice in garden but unfortunately the larger ones have to be collection only or come and see us at the Love Lane Vintage Brocante's. I will let you know when and where we will be attending.

Bye for now....Cxxx

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

We Are Back Blogging

We are back and hope to be posting fairly regularly.
On here we will be showing some of the items that will be coming to the on line shop and some times that are not online but can still be bought such as these Black Metal Pendant Lights.
We have two of these sold as a pair for £60 they are from Denmark made with a matt finish in a very slightly distressed or aged look.

Something for Easter our cute wooden Bunnies.

We are currently sold out but more stock is coming this week.
Pre orders can be taken if you email us following the link on our website

Our China Chop Boards.. We wouldn't chop on these as they are the finest china and make pretty display pieces that can be used to serve cheese or sliced lemons and limes for your drinks.
We have two sizes available.
The little white beaded jug has just sold out but will be coming into stock again soon.
It is part of our beaded range.
We have Heart Bowls a Wine Glass and Tumbler also available.

Well just a quick visit today but I will be back soon this time.

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Traditional Baby Clothes Come To Simply Scaninavian

It has been too long since I sat here to write a new post.
The little on-line shop can be very demanding.
But I have to get back in the saddle and try to post more often as we have new things in the pipeline for you.

This week our long awaited delivery from the USA arrived.
All our Christmases are coming at once it seems.
We were not disappointed.
The quality of these simply gorgeous clothes is seen immediately.
The detail amazing.
I love this delicate pink dress with little petticoat.
Hand smocked and with lace inserts.
It has a scalloped edge and is of the most fine cotton.
Fit for a little Princess.

The boys Rompers are very cute too.
It is so hard to find old fashioned little boys Rompers on the High Street.

And Bobble Suits for baby girls.
Great for when they are just on the move.

 I love them all.
How cute is this one.

Or this one in White.

A nice pair of matching socks, little boots and the baby boy who wears
 this will look super cute and smart.

We have so many….it 
is hard to know which or what to show you.

Imagine twins in these.
A little brother and sister how adorable would they look.

Well I have to get on.
We have a Home Party to pack for.
If you love these and are interested in seeing more or would like further details such a sizes.
Please send an email and we will get back to you as soon as we can.


Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Our Little Sale Just Got Bigger

With Lots Of New Stock Arriving Soon
We Have Put Lots More
Pretty Home Accessories
In Our Sale.

Get A Bargain

Our Spring Sale
Is A Great Time
To Get A Few
Little Gifts
To Put Away

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Jeanne d'Arc Style

Anyone familiar with Jeanne d'Arc and love their 
Vintage Look & Flea Market Finds ?
We do.

Jeanne d'Arc was born in 2004 by Lonnie Wurtz and Vivian Christensen.
In 2009 came the magazine
Jeanne d'Arc Living.
Originally written for Danish readers, this magazine
was all about French & Nordic Style, which we adore.
The magazine is now available in several languages.
We are soon to stock some of the magazines.
Please let us know if you are interested as copies will be limited.
We will be stocking some of the home accessories.
For those who love to sew are these beautiful
embroidered letters have been sewn onto an aged piece of paper
and can be transferred onto a cushion cover, pillowslip anything that you
want to personalise.

This lovely Iron Window Frieze
is perfect to finish a window like below
without blocking any light.

How different is this look.
We love them.
They come in a couple of sizes and styles.

All the home accessories and furniture has a wonderful relaxed
style about it.

The furniture mostly white and grey
is made from Mango Wood.

Made from reclaimed window shutters, these
room dividers have been painted white,
have a wonderful patina, come in various sizes according to the shutters used to make them
and are such a lovely addition to a vintage home.

Well my appetite has been wetted.
And looking at these lovely things have inspired me to get out my paint brush again.
Spring is truly in the air, blossom is out.
Spring cleans and re-paints is on my list.
Have a lovely week.
Bye for now.

Thursday, 11 April 2013

A Spring Sale

Our Little Spring 

Has Started

Follow This Link

Spring For A Day

I swear that when I went into the garden yesterday morning some of my herbaceous plants in pots
were just about pocking through the soil.
With a little watering and sunshine 
 when I went back to look at them later in the afternoon they had grown 
an inch !!!

How good does a little sunshine on your head feel.
It seems to have been such a long winter.

I put out my garden chairs.
Had to throw a couple of my favourite
Cabbages & Roses Hatley Cushions
on the chairs, just checking that they go together well !
Then sat with a cup of tea
and just mulled over
in my mind all the plants I plan
to buy.
As I am sure I have lost quite a few again this winter.

Well just a very quick post today.
Finger's and toe's crossed we may have some
very exciting news next week.

Cannot say what, but here is a little clue.

Bye for now.
Have a good weekend.

Thursday, 28 March 2013

Easter Fair In Sidcup

I cannot believe it is Easter already.
Our heads are in a spin.
Do you  ever get that feeling of just 
Where Do I Start...
This Friday and Saturday we are attending a French Market
in Sidcup Kent
10 till 3pm.
They are trying to rejuvenate the sad looking high street.
With shops closing and nothing
opening things are beginning
to look desperate.
But on a good note...

 We had a delivery from Denmark
this week.

The long awaited candlesticks finally arrived.
We love them.
The finish is matt and is the palest of Greys
with an aged look to the paintwork.

Two styles.
The Medium is about 27 cm.
The Taller one is about 36 cm and just a little more ornate,
which you may not spot straight away !

We also have some little Metal Herb Pots with Chalk
Board Heart.
But they can be used for anything you want 
to keep together.

Line them with grease proof paper
and fill with Chips !
Write on a name and create a very rustic
table setting.
Maybe give all the kids their own personalised
pot and fill with sweets or crayons. 

The Crates are also now available.
In four sizes.

This weekend we aim to get all the new stock
into the shop.
And during the next couple of weeks will have
lots more goodies arriving from
all around the world.
Have a lovely
Easter Holiday.
Love from

Friday, 15 March 2013


 Thursday this week was a gorgeous bright sunny day.
It was so good to get out and in the garden for a good
tidying up.
The image below is from a lovely book of 
By Country Living.

This is another one of my picture books.
Great to pick up from the coffee table and get enthused a little.
Old garden tools are special.
Very old ones too valuable to use.
But great for displaying and adding interest.

I am not really  formal gardener.
I like random, messy maybe, eclectic style.

Even though I have my nice set of garden furniture,
it is little collections of odd bits that interest me most.

And bunting, oh yes, nothing like a bit of bunting to
add cheer to a garden tea party.

Back entrances, that sounds a bit odd ! ? anyway
with big pots and tables with 
little pots.
I love.

I like a little order sometimes, like this neat  row of
containers, full of perennials.

An old staircase has come in handy
for rows of Hyacinths.
Pink is not a favourite of mine.
But they look and probably smell divine.
Pink and yellow makes me feel weird.
Do they go together ?
Not for me.

This table looks interesting.
Looks like it is made up from odd pieces of wood.

I love my trees.
I always plant trees when I move into a new home.
I would much rather sit under a tree with a gentle breeze,
and enjoy my lunch or afternoon tea,
better than sitting under a hot parasol.
Do you find they make you hot ?
Must be to do with the colour.

Now I really do love this image.
The colours are light and fresh.

Now this old London Stock brick wall is 
I would love a walled garden in these bricks but it would 
cost a fortune.
The hot pink Geranium is pretty in its hanging pot.
I do have a few benches that I have collected over
the years, old and rusty they may be, but I still dot them around my own garden.
Old cushions beckon for us to
have a little sit and ponder on
all the things we ought to be doing.

This is the lovely book that I have featured
in this post.

I wonder if you are getting in the mood for spot of gardening yet.
Or have you been hard at it already?
Lets hope that we get a good summer this year.
We really should do as we have had a hard winter.
Bye for now.