Friday, 25 January 2013

New Year. New Goodies and New Inspiration.

No time for sitting and relaxing with lots of new and beautiful things arriving from far and wide.
We have all just about recovered from Flu, which seemed to eventually tail off,
 but not completely for ages!

We ordered these sweet little Bird Feeders and now is a good time to
hang one in a tree or shrub where you can see it.
Gladly we have been lucky to see the return of the Sparrows.
We thought they may never return to our garden.
I have been feeding the birds, not every day but as often as I remember.
The snow looks so lovely in the garden but it does take its tole on the

New Year and the new healthy eating plan starts yet again!
Our new Medium Enamel French Grey Container have lots of uses.
Fruit looks good but equally three Herbs Pots look great too.

Those of you who have followed me will know how I love to play and display.
This little Zinc Chalk Board Container is great to separate children's Creative Play
bits and bobs.

These belong to

My lounge got its very quick lick of fresh paint before
Christmas. No great changes just nice and clean again.
On the trunk is one of our Spring Collection For The Garden range.

We had something very similar last spring and it was very popular.

It is a Zinc Heart Tin inside a Wire Basket.
With a little Heart and Grey and White Gingham Ribbon.
I have planted three little Lavender Plants in this one.
They should look lovely by April.

I just hope the Lavender Plants are happy in my lounge.

 The Zinc Crowns have been well received too, especially at the Fairs and Parties.
This is the Medium.
We have small and big too.
Check out the website soon, as we are gradually updating it with lots of
new items. 
We are now supplying East Of India and have some gorgeous
things arriving each week.

Well must get back to the Shop.
I hope you have enjoyed this little taster. 
I will try to post every week on this blog.
But, you know how it is....
Love from
The Girls and Me xxx


the gardener's cottage said...

what do you mean Your Boyfriend?! lol.

thanks for leaving your comment. have you seen him on tour this year?


the gardener's cottage said...

i thought i'd come over here and answer your questions since most people think i'm insane re jack. they just don't get it.!

i've been a hardcore fan of jack's for about 5 yrs now. that is why this tour is so exciting to me! i was able to see him 6 times this year. once in the pit front and center, the rest in really good floor seats but there is nothing like front and center.

are you familiar with his thirdman record site the vault? i'm a member there. it's a nice community of likeminded fanatics.

anyway, i could talk about him for years so it's nice to meet another similarly afflicted person. :)


gillyflower said...

I love the products you have - just my kind of style, it all looks lovely!