Tuesday, 27 November 2012

All In A Day

So today was supposed a decorating day until Hub got a call and went off
to work.

But it was ok I had Christmas presents to wrap.
Christmas cards to make.
And the distraction of some blogs !

I am also in the mood to tinker with my displays.
Get things more in Christmas mode.

Rain Deer are still there from last Christmas.
I could not put them away.
I love a little distressed or weathered looking wood in my
home which is basically White.

And I have a feeling that these little Wooden Stars With Bells
will not be put away after Christmas this year.

My passion has been Antlers this year.
I found these ones on EBay.
I must buy a wooden plaque so that Bug can mount them for me.

I potter around my quiet home, with just Teddy and radio London
for company.
 I light the odd candle, this one St Eval Lemon & Thyme
which fills the family room with a citrus clean aroma.

I bought myself this gorgeous little brooch on EBay too.
He is a felted Lakeland.
Just like my Guy who was sadly taken from me some while ago.
I have several little Lakeland Dog keepsakes, which give me some comfort, bless him.

Winged chair got a clean loose cove put on,
 while the other one got its first wash.

But in the next room the decorating is at a stand still.
So I just shut the door and hope
 that it does get started and finished ?
 before the weekend !

We no longer clear a room to decorate.
 Too much mess in every room drives me mad.
So we shift it from one side to the other and work around it.

I will post next week on the progress of our room!

Hope your week is productive.
It is good to try and get ahead as Christmas approaches.
Only fools like me start their decorating though!


Shingle Cottage said...

So nice to see in your lovely home Carol,i love the cabbages and roses chair and the little Guy badge,bless his heart still makes me sad.
We are decorating at the cottage too so you are not on your own.
Seeing your candle burning has just made me remember i have the sea salt one packed up some where? must go look xxx

OhSoVintage said...

Well I must be a fool too as I have two rooms in the midst of being 'done'. The study has had its artex ceiling skimmed, I have painted it all and I am awaiting the new carpet. The downstairs bathroom was gutted, floor levelled, tiles removed, replastered and now I am waiting for the plumber next week and builder to lay the floor tiles. This has all resulted in almost every room in the house being used to store things. I hate it! But it will all be worth it in the end.
Ruth x

jill said...

I was thinking of decorating our sitting room and kitchen even went and bought the paints we need but I have put them away until the new year.I love a day like yours in the house on my own all quiet,bliss.Hope you have your room done soon.Love Jill xx

Christine said...

I can't wait to see the results!
You have great style.