Sunday, 18 November 2012

A House Party & Our Christmas Goodies

 We thought you might like to see some of our Christmas Goodies
that will going into the web shop soon.

We took some of them along to a House Party.
These are a few of the photos.
The House Parties are a nice way to spend an evening or as in
the case of this one an all day open event.

We find it hard to get everything into the car, but we have a 
good attempt at it !

 It is nice hearing what the guests like and how they are going to use them

It is at times like these that we really wish we could have a real shop.
What fun we would have decorating it and displaying our wears.

Maybe one day in the future.
We would like a shop with a little Tea Room on the side.

But I think this will happen with a move to the country.

When our Christmas Stock arrives they is great excitement in our house.
You can easily forget what is coming as the order was placed many months ago.

But we love everything so it is a true labour
of love.


In a world of our own we play at displaying.

 These mirrored display trays make a lovely gift for Christmas.
The mirrored bottom reflects the twinkles from the votives.

They bring a pretty glow to a dark corner.

 The large zinc crowns which we thought would be great for the garden table look
just as interesting in the house with a little plant or a candle inside.

An oasis in the tray with a little Holly and Ivy and you could make a lovely centre piece for the Christmas table.

 And these medium sized metal hearts in three designs are

 Cute little zinc buckets for a tea light.
Part of our Christmas stock we also think that they would be nice to use in
the summer too.


These zinc votive buckets have handles on them so they can be hung from
trees in the summer.

This jug was so popular in the summer we have ordered more
but this time we have the mugs to match.

 Pixie Hats !

 A Back Metal Pendent Light really.
They are quite big.
We think they look good singly or lined up above a large work station.

They have an sort of hammered finish and throw out a direct light.

 And something to hang in the window.
A very beautiful window votive.
 Encrusted with twinkling jewels  it looks so pretty in the evening as it
shines through your window.

 The tea light sits in the middle of the two snowflakes.
The jewels are on both sides.

And by request a little bit of gold this year.
A large mercury votive with a little handle to hang it.

A small gold votive with a lovely design.
We call it an aged gold as it is not the usual bright yellow gold.

 And a biggish pumpkin votive in again a nice aged gold.

We love these little wooden Christmas Trees.
They are nice and chunky and have
a lovely finish.

 Well that was just a few of the Christmas Goodies
we have going onto the Website.


Crafty Helen said...

I wish that I lived closer and could host a house party. Your things are all so beautiful. X

Down by the sea said...

A lovely collection of Christmas goodies.
Sarah x

jill said...

Some beautiful christmas goodies I love lots of candle holders.Do you fancy doing a party up in north yorkshire or is it just a little to far? LOL Love Jill xx

Sarah @ Modern Country Style said...

I'm really wishing you lived c;loser so I could have my very own party! Your things look fantastic! So pretty!


Christine said...

I like how you mix the colors, silver and gold. Great combination!