Friday, 12 October 2012


I have always loved the antlers which we see displayed in the homes
of Scandinavia.

I have seen antlers for sale but always thought that they
were expensive and cannot justify buying them really.
Always regretting this, the next time I saw some I bought them and
then had to decided where and how to display them.
As my house is not a grand country retreat this posed a problem.
The large expanse on the stairs was perfect.
A Victorian mirror which was left in my last house when we moved in
was also looking for a place to live.
The mirror sadly was broken a long time ago and never replaced.
So it got a a couple of coats of Annie Sloan paint and dark wax.

Hubby put the frame on the stair wall
and the large Antler and the little Antler
were positioned in the frame.
I like it.
It has people staring at it in wonder!
Wondering if they like or not!

My family all like it and so have most friends given
their seal of approval.
It makes a large blank space come alive.

Funny how something like this display can
change the feel of a home.
I feel all Christmassy, wintry, and cosy when I look at them.

 The colours I have chosen for my hall, stairs and landing
are frosty looking.

I am happy with my display.
I know there are people who will hate anything like this.
Furs, stuffed animals, antlers!
But I think it would a sin to throw out Vintage Furs,
Stuffed Animals and Antlers.
They are things of great beauty.
They should be treasured.

 Anyway, enough preaching.
Back to displays...
Autumnal Display...
Just a bunch of dried lavender and a few pine cones
scented with a little lavender oil look lovely together.
Displays can change with the seasons.
Any excuse for me to tinker.
And I am happy!

Next time I will post on
The English Countryside.
Have a good weekend.

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