Friday, 28 September 2012


If I had to pick a flower as my  most loved,
 I would not pick the Rose.
Yet my home is full of Roses.
It is without doubt one of the prettiest.
So English.
Whether fresh or dried it is perfect.

The Rose that is used so often in
Cabbages & Roses is one of the best Rose fabrics for me.
I love all the colour ways and all the designs.

 On a Wedding Day
it has to be Roses.
Roses For Love.
Nothing quite compares
to the scent of a room full of  Roses.

 On a trip to Devon I found this gorgeous 
hand knitted little girls dress,
It has been made in a wonderful soft cotton
which feels lovely against the skin.
Rose buds have been embroidered on the 
front of the dress,
Very Vintage and very Cute.

Roses in frames while I look for the 
perfect photo.

 And the palest of Lavender Roses for a
peaceful bedroom.

 Cream Roses wrapped around a bedstead.

 Roses on cups and Roses on bedroom walls.

Not Roses....Ranunculus...
In pretty rose colours.
In my guest bedroom.
A room full of Roses.

I have really indulged myself in this little bedroom.
In true Cath Kidston Vintage Style.

I have these lovely paper lanterns waiting to be
put up somewhere.
Pretty pink roses.
Pink & Green look so good together.
I quite like the idea of of row hanging in the bay window.

In this little room you cannot help but be happy.
I think it is everything a real girlie girl would love,
This is not a room for men.

I have made this little room into a cheeful little space.
The mix of colour cannot fail to make you 
feel happy.

Or is it that is just takes me back to the days
where I feel a strong sense of

 I have to end here.
I could go on and on......
Housework never quite gets finished in my home.
The distractions of taking photos and writing a blog keeps
me from doing what I ought to be doing!
Have a lovely weekend.


Sarah @ Modern Country Style said...

Wow, I thought *I* was keen on roses but you've surpassed me!!

I'm totally with you though, there's nothing quite like faded rose fabrics to really make a house feel a home.


Lace hearts said...

Thank you so much for being persistent in leaving a comment - you weren't going mad, it was my spam filter catching all comments (otherwise I get deluged with spam). It was a perfect day indeed! I love roses too, but I think my favourite has to be sweetpeas, but it's a close contest. Your room looks so lovely - roses and fabric are certainly a wonderful combination. x

Art and Sand said...

What lovely rose photos.