Monday, 24 September 2012

Work and Play

A dull wet morning is made better by lighting a few candles!
I am working form home today, hence the title
work and play.

Getting the house in the right mood for working is what I do first.
Even before I get myself ready!

A nice smelling candle where I work and an oil burner scented with Rosemary and Pine 
burns in the kitchen.
It does help to kill the smell of breakfast cooking.
Not that I do not find the smell of a full English pleasant
it is just the smell of boiled egg is not a nice welcome
for any friends who may pop in for a quick cuppa.

Setting the scene is what it is all about for me.
It makes such a difference when entering someones home if there is a warm glow.

It is Hubby's day off so he is in charge of cooking and laying the table this morning.

Yeah, see what I mean about setting the scene!
clearly he does not bother!
but he does cook the perfect boiled egg.
and that is the difference between a man and a women.
We ponder on the frilly bits of home making.
He, on the other hand gets his stop watch out to to time the eggs.
Now I cannot be bothered to do this simple thing.
You get you eggs however they come, if you are lucky soft boiled
if not....then to me there is nothing wrong with a slightly
hardish boiled egg!

So you can see I play.
Make vignettes with my various bits and bobs.
This is quite an Autumnal Vignette.

This Lantern is not mine, just an image for the shop.
But I do like this one very much.

Well before I go I must tell you.
We sold out of these Wall Lanterns on the first day
so I will be going out today to get some more.
If you want your name put to one, please email
us and we will be happy to save you one.

Must get on...
Work to do...
See you all soon.


OhSoVintage said...

Your home always looks so lovely and even more so with all your lovely candles and lanterns. As for eggs, I can't stand a runny one, they have to be boiled for 7 mins for me.
Ruth x

Little Chicken Scratch said...

Just beautiful! :)