Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Making A Home

A quick tour of Johanna's flat.
I cannot believe that it has been eighteen months
since Johanna and Steve moved into their own flat..

Together they have painted wall's and furniture.

And turned a very plain modern flat into 
a Scandinavian style home using pale blues, greys and whites so often 
seen in Sweden.

Johanna and Steve's love of candlelight
it everywhere,

And nothing looks nicer than some Greenery
to compliment their pale home.

A relaxed home.

With touches of Raspberry to warm things up.

Zinc and glass.
Aged metal and tin are displayed
around their home.

Lanterns are lit.
And curtain's are draped.

Johanna share's a common love for old letter's.
There were originally form an old shop front and were red.
Johanna painted her letter's where I left mine
red and peeling.

Their flat is open plan so very sociable.
This is  a wall in their kitchen
were they have used some old furniture
which they have painted to create
an interesting wall.

I bough her these little pastry tin's.
I have a many displayed in my own home.
With Baker's being on both sides of Johanna's
family it seems quite fitting.

I would like to show you more very soon.
But for now
I leave you with
my artwork !!!

See you soon.


Missy said...

Oooh I love it!
Thanks for the comment over at my blog a couple of weeks ago about the kitchen cupboard door. I did take it off but that's as far as it's got so far!
Anyway back to the flat, it's beautiful and loads of lovely little things to stop and linger over and look at. I love grey and quite soon, I am having the whole house painted (subsidence issue, not me being extravagant for once) and I am thinking about having a pale grey in a couple of rooms and after seeing your pictures I'm thinking about it a bit more!
Very gorgeous indeed!

Shingle Cottage said...

It looks wonderful,i love their style and share their love of candle light,the touches of greenery make everything look so fresh x

Down by the sea said...

What a beautiful home.I love the colours and ornaments.
Sarah x

Cuckoo said...

I love their style, very similar to yours, which I have long admired. I love so many different styles I think it is time to choose a room to scandinavian up...maybe the dining room.

While I'm here could I order four more of those Kate forman cushions I bought a while back?


jill said...

Lovely xx

Pondside said...

What a pretty home they have created in their new apartment!