Friday, 13 July 2012

Rye & Hastings

A week ago my husband and I went for a little break to Fairlight near Rye in East Sussex.
Rye is full of wonderful things.
And the shop below
Pale & Interesting

everything that we love.
I did not get to go inside this time...humph!
The shop sadly was closed.
But I am returning there soon.
So maybe they we kindly let me take some photos to show you.
I know you will love it too.

A little further south along the coastline is
Well, it is perfect for a day out.
Husband and little ones were kept happy on the 
Seaside Fun Rides.
And me was allowed to wander happily
around all the gorgeous shops.
Independent Shops.

Up a little back street is a collection of 
amazing little shops, you will need a few hours to get around them all 
as they are Our Heaven.
This shop below was
It was just like stepping back in time.

Lots of new but vintage finds.

The whole shop right to the very back and all
the floors are laid out as little rooms
stuffed to the brim of everything
you could need to create 
a vintage style home.

Rather like a Museum.

There was so much to take in.

The old paintwork, worn and chipped.

The scullery in now a dining room.
And the kitchen was open for the first time
on the day I visited.
I will need to book a table here for sure.

A broom cupboard.

The old hallway with original uniforms
hanging on the pegs.

The staircase
curling it's way up.
Bashed and battered.
I love it!

A little window sill on the staircase.

All the rooms look like they have been left
as they were found.
Everything is for sale.

The owner has been collecting for seven years.

This Lavatory, wash room
may be original.
It certainly looked as though it had been there
a long time.

The kitchen area at the front of the shop.

And the counter where you are served and 
one of the friendly staff sorting menu's for the day.

I left this shop wanting more.
Then moved on to some of the other little shops.

Is it our hard and fast lifestyles that makes some of
us love the old times.
Want vintage over new.
Are some of us fighting to get back
to a time when we feel people
were happier?
Had less.
Bought and kept rather than 
continually throwing out and buying new.
What are they looking for?
Give me all the old junk
bangs, dents chips and all.
I will keep it forever.
Because I love it just the way it is.

I hope you enjoyed the little 
tour of Sussex Shops.
Next time I have some
painting projects to show you.
Love from
Carol and the girls
Simply Scandinavian


Shingle Cottage said...

Fabulous pictures!
Carol i want to go on one of your weekends you always go to the most beautiful and interesting places,i have mailed you back twice,check your inbox my lovely ;)
Have a lovely weekend Kriisie xxx

jill said...

Oh what a lovely shop full of lovely goodies,I want to visit it.We had a loo just like that one in our first home together ,it sure was a talking Hope you are well Carol love Jill xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Carol,give me the old junk any day too! GREAT shops,right up my street,would love to visit all of them :)
Happy weekend,love juliexxx

Anonymous said...

That's one day trip for the summer holidays sorted!!! Heaven!