Sunday, 1 July 2012

Finding My Inspirations

Soon I will be going  to one of my
most treasured places.
This is where many childhood summers
were spent.

It is rugged and wild.

There are small coves and vast beaches
waiting to be explored again.

There are
Stone Piles ?
I will be back.

The rolling hills fall down to the shoreline.

The sea changes colour throughout the day.

And you are taken on a journey across rock pools
and mossy boulders.
to smugglers caves.

Such a beautiful place.
North Devon.

It is impossible to return home from 
this place and not be inspired.

And if you do find yourself exploring this part of the country
a visit to Wiltshire is well worth the trip just to see.
Home of the English Banker Henry Hoare.
It is the most beautiful estate garden I have ever seen.

Inside the Grotto the views are stunning.
And that is exactly how it was meant to be.
Every view from anywhere in Stourhead is

Just a snippet of the history of this 
wonderful place.

I wanted to show where I get my inspirations from.
The sea features large.
As does the green landscapes.
Nature at it's best.
Next time I am going to show you 
Johanna's Home.
So until then.
Bye for now.


Pondside said...

What a lovely place - no wonder you find it so inspiring. I will have to look at a map, but I'm pretty sure I'll not be anywhere near there when I'm in the UK in September....another trip.

Missy said...

Beautiful! Have a lovely time.
Just also wanted to say thanks for such a fast delivery of the glass candlesticks and grey candles I ordered from your shop. I love them! It's a pleasure to do business with you!

jill said...

Looks like a lovely placs have fun xxx

Down by the sea said...

Your photos of North Devon look so inspiring. We fell in love with South Devon a long time ago, and consequently haven't been to the North coast,as we have to keep going back!
I haven't been to Stourhead either, we will have to go sometime during this summer.
I hope you have a good holiday.
Sarah x

Claire said...

Beautiful pictures, I love Devon, every childhood holiday was spent in Teignmouth, almost like a second home. Have taken the boys there a few times. Stourhead looks gorgeous, have never been there considering often visit Wiltshire on days out. Xx

Art and Sand said...

Thank you for a mini vacation. I haven't been to Devon, but your photos took me there briefly. I love England and have friends in Cornwall and Dorset that keep pushing for another visit.

Anonymous said...

It is lovely to have you back Carol... I followed Katherine's Dream for some years!

Have just managed to purchase the very unique zinc pomander from your shop.... I procrastinated last time then had to sulk when it was always SOLD OUT Argh! I have a bit of a zinc fetish. It looks so beautiful next to the freshness of Cabbages and Roses don't you think?