Tuesday, 26 June 2012

The Garden

I have been sweeping my garden, something I do enjoy funnily enough!

This garden was bare when we moved in.
Over the years, with no plans at all.
I have created a garden of little gardens.

Little fences to keep the dog's off the lawn.
And pagoda's to hide large expanses of patio
have become shaded garden's for my pot plants.

The climbing plants over the Pagoda
have made little window's.
Another place to hide, to sit and look and listen to 
the bird's.

I have little table's and chair's dotted around the garden.

All provide a different aspect of the garden.

And the little bird house's my husband made a few 
year's ago now...are still there.
The paint has endured some tough winter's
but they still look good.
The never did make it up onto the wall!

All the rain has made the garden so green and lush.
Probably the best it has ever been.
And morning's like today are
Our Sun has been missed.
I hope that Indian Summer
comes to stay.
Bye for now...


Pondside said...

Summer always seems to be around the corner, here on the Pacific coast.
I enjoyed all your little rooms in the garden. It's lovely to have someplace to sit for any time of the day and fall of sunshine.

Cuckoo said...

I'm trying so hard with my garden this year but I think I got going a shade too late. My flowers really need some sun to speed up their growth.

Totally inspired again! And also happy KD is viewable again.


jill said...

Your garden looks lovely Carol.I miss having a big garden like the one where we used to live,at times it was to big for me then others with all the plans I had for it I used to wish for more but it was very pretty and I had little seats dotted about to sit and love the view.Now my garden is small but I still love it and its very pretty and the plants are like triffids at the moment after all the rain.Hope your well love Jill xx

LinenandRoses said...

Your garden is absolutely gorgeous. We inherited a very bare garden last year. This year it is at least tidy but still pretty bare. Gardens take a long time. I hope that one day our garden might look something like yours. Very inspiring. Fiona

Lace hearts said...

How beautiful. I wish we could get some more sun in our garden, the grass is growing too fast with all the rain, though it's looking lush.

OhSoVintage said...

What a stunning garden you have. I love gardens which have different little areas. Love the nesting boxes too.
Ruth x

Claire said...

I love your garden, all the little areas make it so much more interesting and pretty on the eye. Definatly inspiration for mine. Just wish I could have a fence to prevent my boys and not dogs going on the grass, they have ruined mine playing footballl!!!!! Love Claire xx