Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Fellow Bloggers

One of the best things in the blog world is the lovely people that you may meet.
New friendsships that would never have happened had it not been for my laptop!

I had to post this link

You really should visit Krissie, she has a little ! !
well I am sure her other half would not call it a little project. 
Anyway a wonderful project, a restoration in the happening.
And she has taken some lovely photos of a couple of things that she has bought in our little shop for her tranquil place.
 It is so nice,  to our 'things' once they have reached their new home,
have been displayed and looking are looking very smart!
Thank You

Love from The Girls


Anonymous said...

Happy Valentine's Day girls!
Thank you for making mine special...i have a feeling i will be posting about you often with all the lovely things you have on offer!
Hugs to you Carol,
Love Krissie xxx

carrad said...

I've popped by from Krissie's post to see how lovely you are. She's right! Will be following you from now on xxx

Claire said...

Lit my sea salt candle tonight, house smells devine. Thankyou again for the fantastic service and goodies.
Lots of love Claire xx