Sunday, 12 February 2012

Inspiration & New Luxury Candles

Drawing inspiration.
At some point when decorating our homes,
I do think that we reach a point,
 a style,
an era,
 that we feel so comfortable with
 that we do not feel the need for drastic changes.
Maybe just a slightly different shade of paint.
Recover the old comfy sofa.
Some new cushions.
A change of lampshade, which is so easy with the loose cover type.
Move a few bits and we have a whole new look.
Not as difficult as going from the 1970's look to say 1770's look!
Cabbages & Roses and Kate Forman
 are my favourites when it comes to style.
The fabrics are devine.
I go to their shops often
and I am in my own little piece of Interiors Loving Girl Heaven.
Does that make sence?

The softness, the looseness,
the relaxed informality of it all.
Mix and match.
Old and new.
Things to touch, things you want to touch.

These few images from Cabbages & Roses are some of the best, for me that is.
I love it all.
I want to sit at this table and prepare dinner.

This window is dressed in one of my most loved designs.
I have this material on my landing and in my little bathroom.
It is dramatic I suppose being black, but I never tire of it.
I have lined my curtains in black which adds more depth and looks good if the
lining is showing.

Another love is Cerise Hatley.
We hope to be stocking some cushions, loose lamp shades and bedding very soon in our shop.
Everything we sell will be Hand Made.
So forget factory manufactured.
Our soft furnishing will all differ slightly with a hand finished look, but beautifully.
I have used this fabric in the nursery for the curtains and cushions and painted the walls and woodwork with Farrow and Ball Cornforth.
Cornforth goes well with so many fabrics.

Natural Hatley.
I have a lovely old winged chair which needed to blend in better with my home.
I had a loose cover in Natural Hatley made and some various shaped cushions.
It washes well on a delicate wash with a mild detergent.
I only use Fairy.

I rescued this deck chair from an old shed.
It was rotting and dirty.
I painted it in Farrow and Ball Strong White.
Then re-covered it in Lilac Hatley in a very strong Linen.
The perfect chair for a nice quiet afternoon in the garden
with a good book, or Kindle!!!

An old photo of my bedroom.
Painted in Farrow and Ball Blackend, everything including all the woodwork and furiture.
The curtains are Hatley in Lilac.
A beautiful very pale lilac which goes so well with the greys.

Vintage suitcases under the bed!
Great for another place to hide a few bits.

And here Kate Forman Fabric.
I love love love Roses.

In this room I have mixed a few pale shades of paint.
 Farrow and Ball in Strong White,
Pale Blue, Lamp Room Grey and Borrowed Light.
I have a mix of Plain Linen curtians
 with Cabbages and Roses French Toile,
 Both Kate Forman and Cabbages and Roses
 loose lamp shade covers.
A mix of both fabrics again for my cushions and lavender filled hanging hearts.
So you can probably understand why us three girls are so excited about stocking
Cabbages & Roses and maybe Kate Forman

Also I wanted to show you this
 Luxury English Eccentrics Candle.
Coming to the shop very shop soon.
As a very special gift or a very special treat to yourself, why not!
Its a favourite brand of many British celebrities including Paul McCartney, Mick Jagger, Helen Bonham-Carter and Sophie Anderton.


Back soon.


Claire said...

Just placed my first order with you, definatly one of many by the way you if you keep showing wonderful goodies :) Claire x

Alli Marsay said...

Absolutely Beautiful!