Sunday, 19 February 2012

Cabbages & Roses Obsessions

Cabbages & Roses has been dominating everything to do with the shop
We love the colours, mixing the fabrics and choosing the right accessories.

I think all three of us say that we love every image
that they produce.
It inspires us that is for sure.

Just a neatish pile of fabric and our minds go racing off into all the rooms of our own houses
thinking that we can add this there and change that bit and put some of this here....

We just cannot wait to go and collect the next pile of cushions.
There is a some wonderful Kate Forman fabrics too.

The room laid out in the gorgeouss pale shades of grey, pink, blue and green.
never date.

A little bit of my home here.
Katie is decorating at the moment so we will be adding some images of the new look in
near the future.
I hope she takes the befores and after.
Johanna is making a few changes too.
So it seems spring is just round the corner and we are in typical nesting mode.

Bye bye from us

1 comment:

jill said...

Love the pink and cream cushions,you must find it so hard to part with the things you like.Love Jill xx