Thursday, 23 February 2012


Chinoiserie, a French term, signifying "Chinese-esque"
The beautiful cushions that we have going into the Simply Scandinavian Web Shop very soon are of a delicate lilac come grey shade !

They look stunning in a bedroom with Cabbages a& Roses Lilac Hatley which we also have for sale in the shop.

The material is a a cotton linen, the patten is on both sides of the cushion and they have
zip closures.

All these colours compliment each other so well.
For a bedroom we think the colours do have a soothing effect.

We have just put two of these tall distressed wooden lamp bases into the shop 
and plan to add loose lampshade covers which can be slipped over your existing

These little glass jars have been so popular.
We have added duck egg blue ribbon with white spots to some of the jars.
Decorate them with any ribbon of your choice 
It is amazing how just a little change of ribbon can refresh a look.

Described as little Herb Jars but are perfect for a few tea lights.
We have jars of candles and tea lights in each room.

Rustic mid grey candles measuring 
17cm or 6 inches.
Tied in bundles of three with a dove grey curling ribbon.

  St Eval mini candles for the tiny Zinc Tea Light Holders.
Sold in bundles of four.

 Our St Eval Sea Salt Candle Tin with a 45 hour burn time is brilliant value for 
Sea Salt has been one of the most popular recently.
With Spring coming
the wonderful freshness of the salty sea air that this candles reminds us of makes
a pleasant change.

We have these candles everywhere at home.
Some are stronger than others, Lavender is perfect for the bedroom.
Light it just before you retire at night.
Your room will smell clean and with the calming effect of
Lavender just right for a peaceful nights sleep.

White Jasmine.
A floral bouquet.
Delicate and very pretty.

To compliment our Cabbages & Roses Fabrics we now have
the wallpaper in Hatley.
Three shades.
Charcoal, Blue and Pink.
This wallpaper is a very good quality paper.
If you wish to order please email us with your requirements.

 We are in the process of updating the shop with some items that we had sold out of.
There will also be new things being added over the next week or two.
See you soon.

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Anonymous said...

Everything looks wonderful!
I have the St Eval Sea Salt candle burning on my blog post at the moment,it smells divine.