Friday, 15 March 2013


 Thursday this week was a gorgeous bright sunny day.
It was so good to get out and in the garden for a good
tidying up.
The image below is from a lovely book of 
By Country Living.

This is another one of my picture books.
Great to pick up from the coffee table and get enthused a little.
Old garden tools are special.
Very old ones too valuable to use.
But great for displaying and adding interest.

I am not really  formal gardener.
I like random, messy maybe, eclectic style.

Even though I have my nice set of garden furniture,
it is little collections of odd bits that interest me most.

And bunting, oh yes, nothing like a bit of bunting to
add cheer to a garden tea party.

Back entrances, that sounds a bit odd ! ? anyway
with big pots and tables with 
little pots.
I love.

I like a little order sometimes, like this neat  row of
containers, full of perennials.

An old staircase has come in handy
for rows of Hyacinths.
Pink is not a favourite of mine.
But they look and probably smell divine.
Pink and yellow makes me feel weird.
Do they go together ?
Not for me.

This table looks interesting.
Looks like it is made up from odd pieces of wood.

I love my trees.
I always plant trees when I move into a new home.
I would much rather sit under a tree with a gentle breeze,
and enjoy my lunch or afternoon tea,
better than sitting under a hot parasol.
Do you find they make you hot ?
Must be to do with the colour.

Now I really do love this image.
The colours are light and fresh.

Now this old London Stock brick wall is 
I would love a walled garden in these bricks but it would 
cost a fortune.
The hot pink Geranium is pretty in its hanging pot.
I do have a few benches that I have collected over
the years, old and rusty they may be, but I still dot them around my own garden.
Old cushions beckon for us to
have a little sit and ponder on
all the things we ought to be doing.

This is the lovely book that I have featured
in this post.

I wonder if you are getting in the mood for spot of gardening yet.
Or have you been hard at it already?
Lets hope that we get a good summer this year.
We really should do as we have had a hard winter.
Bye for now.


itsjustperi said...

I like that table that looks like it's made from driftwood and definitely agree about the trees . I just need a garden to be able to do it all though x

jill said...

Looks a lovely book full of beautiful images to be inspired by.I have being working on my little garden and cannot wait to get out potting up and seeing things flurish,hurry up please sunshine.I like a bit of shabby chic garden, plants just wandering around where they want to.Happy gardening Carol,love Jill xx

a little vintage said...

What a lovely set of pics.. i must get my hands on a copy of that book!.. Bring on spring and summer..hope to see pics of your garden aswell, best wishes Sue x

Pondside said...

I've seen the book and had it from the library - it is lovely and full of inspiration at this dull time of year.

Louise Chainey said...

Thank you for the inspiration, I have been thinking how to make our garden more interesting. I feel ready to tackle it now :)Louise x