Saturday, 9 March 2013

A Source Of Inspiration

Travelling home from my last trip to Norway,
we were at Oslo airport and much a my great delight
I spotted one of my best loved home interiors magazines.
No adverts just beautiful images to inspire.

Jeanne d"Arc Living

Unfortunately it is not the English version.
But nonetheless is
staying on my book shelve.
Hopefully I will be able to
I was told that Camel & Yuk in Reigate were closing 
and this was where I did hope to get it from.

Sheer romance.

Peeling charm.

Bygone days.

Little stashes.

Little places.

Whether vintage looking pieces or
the genuine article we can still

 Find new uses for.

Love Ferns !

Bring it all together.
A make a home that is unique and all about you and 
what you love.

These little old keys 
find a perfect new use.

Or even just to decorate.

Painted floors.
Old suitcases.
Potting trays.

Shelves with our little vignettes.
Intrigue our guests.
Some will laugh.
But most will feel at home with your
random sense of style.

We do love sets.
Dinner sets for example.
But we love odd bits more I think.
It takes away that fear of one piece breaking !
as then, that set no more, makes you sad.

Modern and Vintage.
Mix it all up.

All the colours mingle.
Pale and fading.
Bright and clean.
Ever changing.
Never boring.

When I get a quiet moment in the late afternoon,
I love to flick through all my books of inspiration.
It gives me the much needed kick I sometimes need to get
going with a new project.
Even to finish an old already started project would be a good idea !

So I leave it here.
With these beautiful flowers.
To cheer us on a dull Saturday afternoon.
And look forward to spring and some time in the garden.

Simply does it.


Unknown said...

Carol you can get jeanne d'arc mag from - i think thats the correct address! They are in uk sussex i think.

Unknown said...

Mag available from based in uk, sussex i think.

Bonjade said...

You are so right.....
And georgeous to see some of the pictures made at our home by JDL.

Fine weekend

Louise Chainey said...

Wow, what a beautiful magazine. A perfect way to spend a dull Saturday avo flicking through with a cuppa. Louise.

Marian Cates said...

Very lovely photos. I'm going to post at least on on Pinterest.