Friday, 20 July 2012

A Painted Wooden Floor

My Study, Sewing Room come Laundry!
had a very tired wooden floor.
over the years I have been painting more of the furniture in this room.

So now I wanted to paint the floor.
First we sanded.
Then cleaned.
Then two undercoats.
Followed by two coats of
Farrow & Ball Floor Paint.

Overall it has made this room
very bright, not that it was a dark room.

So with not one little piece of wood
unpainted in this room left I am happy.

Whites, Greys, Pale Blues and Stone
are the shades of F&B I have
With matching accessories.

Baskets and wooden box's and grates to
keep things tidy.

Oops, just spotted a bit of natural basket.
That will have to go.
I will paint this in

I used Cabbages & Roses Natural Hatley Blue
for the soft furnishings.

I have also treated myself to some new photo
frames from our shop.

This really is...
A Room Of Ones Own.
Just how I like it.

We have been busy in the Barn painting the beams,
well Hubby was!
While I have been painting some furniture.
I will show these next time.
Until then.
Love from


Pondside said...

I like what you've done here - so restful to the eye. I imagine that the desk is a lovely place to sit to do the more mundane tasks involved in running a house and a business.

Anonymous said...

You mad me laugh spotting the unpainted and having to put THAT right!!! lol. A girl after my own heart.

I love painted floors and live in hope of a wooden floor that I can then attack with the white paint. So restful and peaceful. That is a beautiful room!

Simply Scandinavian said...

Well I think I am being a bit harsh on poor old natural basket!
I do love natural baskets but not orange ones....and that is why it will have to be given a splash of paint!

Missy said...

A gorgeous room and the floor looks great. I wish my laundry room was that glamorous!

Simply Scandinavian said...

It is not really much of a laundry room. I have just a few washing bits in there while I wait for the utility room to be done. I would love a real proper laundry room. My downstairs shower room is going to have a little change made to it so I can put my washing machine and tumble dryer in there..xx

carrad said...

This is so beautiful that I would come and do your laundry, just to be able to be in the room! x

jill said...

I have always liked to paint baskets and boxs and little bits and bobs and now I have painted the kitchen shelves I have got a taste for doing more just have to work on hubby a bit more,he knows he likes it really lol.Your room looks so restful I can imagine you in their dropping of to sleep at the sewing table.Love Jill xx

Claire said...

Just gorgeous, I would want to spend as much time as I could on my own in there away from the males of my household! Have a lovely weekend xx

OhSoVintage said...

It all looks so lovely, everything co-ordinating too. I used F&B paint (Strong White) on my dining room floor but parts of it went yellow and despite about 10 coats it still shows through as yellow which is a shame as it's not cheap is it?!!
Ruth x

Simply Scandinavian said...

I am no expert but Ruth I think maybe the natural oils in your wooden floorboards are seeping through? we used Floor Paint rather than an oil based paint or the new Estate Eggshell. So far it is keeping very white but it will get marked, the sooner the better ! then I can relax with it, rather than wanting to keep cleaning every mark off.

Sarah @ Modern Country Style said...

What a lovely idea to team up with your daughters on your new blog! That must be so special.

I've Google-followed you here (sorry to sound like a stalker - can't be helped!). I just can't resist your swoonsome photos!


Sandi said...

What a beautiful, inspiring room to be in. Great job!