Thursday, 11 April 2013

Spring For A Day

I swear that when I went into the garden yesterday morning some of my herbaceous plants in pots
were just about pocking through the soil.
With a little watering and sunshine 
 when I went back to look at them later in the afternoon they had grown 
an inch !!!

How good does a little sunshine on your head feel.
It seems to have been such a long winter.

I put out my garden chairs.
Had to throw a couple of my favourite
Cabbages & Roses Hatley Cushions
on the chairs, just checking that they go together well !
Then sat with a cup of tea
and just mulled over
in my mind all the plants I plan
to buy.
As I am sure I have lost quite a few again this winter.

Well just a very quick post today.
Finger's and toe's crossed we may have some
very exciting news next week.

Cannot say what, but here is a little clue.

Bye for now.
Have a good weekend.

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