Tuesday, 19 June 2012

A Rustic Idyll

Today we want to show you this beautiful rustic farmhouse.

Set deep in the countryside, it has been sympathetically restored 
to blend quietly into it's surroundings.

Little additions to the main house appear to have been there years.

And original structure's adapted so to suit our needs today.
This covered terrace on the barn is a heavenly place to while away the long day's.

The barn.

This farmhouse and it's outbuildings all huddle together.

This pathway leads to the little Pig House

A tiny door leads into the house.

And a window which is placed very high has a pretty outlook.
This pig house is now the children's den.

Across the fields is another little building.
Nobody seems to know what is was for.
Maybe you know?

My favourite place is under the shelter of the terrace.

Across the lawn is another walled garden.

As you can see, this is the pool garden.
And the pool house.

Well this is the end of the House and Garden Tour.
Next time we will take you on a tour of the inside
of both the Barn and the House.

We hope that you have enjoyed
the tour.
So until next time.
Au revoir jusqu'à la prochaine fois
From the girls
Simply Scandinavian


Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed this tour, can't wait to see inside! Kind regards, Ann - Australia

jill said...

Oh this little place is just wonderful,is it yours Carol.I cannot wait to see inside dont keep us waiting to long will you.Love Jill xx

Simply Scandinavian said...

I wish it were ours Jill! Friends own this lovely retreat.
Carol x

Claire said...

This house is incredible, would you ever want to leave? Not sure if you are in Instagram but I recently joined and its the most addictive thing and I find it not as time consuming as blogging. My name on there is Iloveinteriors if you go on it. Xx

Claire said...

Ps I might be wrong but the little building looks like a piggery. X

Simply Scandinavian said...

Yes it was a piggery. There was no mistaking once inside ! there was a strong Porky aroma....hence the reason I climbed a little ladder to open the window and allow the breeze to sweep through. Cute little playhouse though.

Alchamillamolly said...

Hi there - I panicked when I saw the title on your blog - thinking 'No she can't leave that house - it is my inspiration. I have been reading your blog since it started and gone through the highs and lows with you like losing a parent..... Now I have just read back through the S Scan blog! I had lookied ath shop before but somehow not the blog. I wish you well with the family venture it is a wonderful way to be living your lives and with all those lovely kiddies as well. Your last couple of posts on the old blog felt different as if you were settled and quite dreamy - I have moved on a little in the last couple of months and slowed down so when I am not at work it is my time - it feels a little selfish sometimes but I am slowly taking a different view on life. I have a concret floor in the kitchen and hardly any units, walls needing plastering, artex to scrape off, and lots of work to do but it doesn't matter, so we catch what sun we can and hubby is slowly picking up the routines after retiring and I work harder than I have ever done and we laugh a lot and talk a lot about Dad and our memories and we are liking our new routine.............. I have a contract until Dec 13 and then I am off, with years to wait for my pension..... but we can live and thats what life is about isn't it.