Friday, 3 February 2012

Potting Up Spring Bulbs

Love Spring Bulbs.

They look very pretty in our Zinc Planters.

 Once the bulbs have finished blooming the Zinc Planter can be cleaned and potted up with Summer flowers or used as storage for your housey bits and pieces.

 Hyacinths smell gorgeous. the perfume is so strong.
They will be planted in the garden after flowers have seen their best.
They will flower for us
next spring.

These Door Plaques are cute.
White painted wood with Silver Heart.
We think this one is a good little present for your
Romantic Dinner!

We have a few of these with various words.

We have Painted Vintage Furniture coming soon to the shop
as well as Soft Furnishings in some of our favourite fabrics.
See you all soon.

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