Tuesday, 31 January 2012

A Cottage Industry

Today was a test run.
Our first parcel goes out.
The biggest worry is that it arrives
and everyone is happy.
Fingers crossed I am sure it will.
We have wrapped it to be
bomb proof !

And a few more bit to go into the shop soon.
Another Lantern.


Lovely little Zinc candle holders.

We will be adding the candles into the shop soon.
They are St Eval and are the little stick candles.

A Rustic Metal Crown to place over a scented candle when alight.

These very popular Mercury Tea Lights are coming back soon.
They have been very popular at the Home Parties.

Off now to meet
My Hermes,


jill said...

So exciting for you sending your first parcel and your customer receiving thier goods,love all your bits.Looks like you have the same log burner as I do.Love Jill xx

Cuckoo said...

I'm dying to online shop with you! I tried today but it was all "Coming Soon" So excited about being able to get my mitts on all this lush stuff Carol!


Claire said...

Hope your having a fab first day, I will be shopping with you in the next couple of weeks! Can't wait xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Girls!!!!
Wishing you good luck today and i just placed my first order with you and i no there will be many more.
Lots of love,

Simply Scandinavian said...

Thank you Krissie your are a 3rd customer today. Not bad first day.Good thing I guess is that our shop is Open All Hours ! remember that programme, I loved the two Ronnies. I suppose you can call us the three Blondies!

Anonymous said...

Hi Three blondies!
3rd time lucky it was me lol x
I will be posting my purchase when it arrives with a link to your beautiful shop :) i think it will be lovely used as in your picture for outdoor dining at the coast,I will be buying some of your St Eval candles too for our beach cottage as my friend tells me they smell gorgeous.